How donations flow
to communities

Alabaster Ministries operates with accountability and integrity. We pledge that 80% or more of any amount donated towards any project will be used to fulfill the primary purpose for which it was given.

We covenant to keep our administrative costs to a minimum so as to make sure the direct benefit to the Lord’s vision and purpose through our ministry is maximized.

How To Help Us?

Prayer and Intercession
That’s the oil that keeps the wheel turning so it doesn’t fall off the vehicle. No project is started without much time in prayer and intercession. Once we have the mind of God, then we are confident He will provide everything we need. Please stand with us in prayer that we might find the mind of God in everything we do.

Medical and dental teams are needed in Malawi. The average life span in most African nations is 40 years, many dying prematurely from HIV/AIDS, malaria and other water-borne diseases. That means that there’s a gap of almost 1.5 generations with grand parents and great grand parents taking care of small children. The basic medical and dental care that we take for granted in western society simply isn’t available in Malawi, and certainly not in vast rural areas.

Those who love and know that Word of God are welcome to teach. There’s always an excited group of people, ready and hungry to receive from the Lord.

There’s always a need for those who are skilled in construction. Much of the work we do in rural Malawi requires that we must build the infrastructure that will support the communities we reach. That means we must erect buildings, provide sanitation, dig wells to supply clean water, run power lines where possible, and deal with all other details associated with constructions projects. We need an army of skilled artisans!

How You Can Donate?

We accept financial contributions through PayPal. Please use the link below to make a donation of any amount. In Africa, every little bit goes a long way and makes a huge difference to entire families. Click here to make your donation.

Thank you!