Urgent program:

I leave for Africa soon. I managed to find an airline ticket that was over $1,000 cheaper by going a couple of weeks early so that makes it all worthwhile.

We will distribute blankets, mosquito nets and clothing as well as some more food. This trip we plan to bring all of the elderly to Nsanje village for at least four days and I will be teaching on intercession. There is a wonderful center in Nsanje that will be big enough for everyone to sleep and we will feed them for the duration.

As I was thinking about the trip this morning, the Lord spoke to me about opening the conference with a foot washing. I believe that those in leadership should all wash the feet of the elderly and pray over each of them. They need to realize that we are blessed by the way many of them have walked out their lives and that they are special. Foot washing is more of a humbling experience to those whose feet are being washed than for those who are doing the washing. Remember how the disciples objected to Christ washing their feet? No matter who we are or what we do we are servant to all. It is amazing what happens when we do the very things that Christ did in the New Testament. Foot washing is no longer practiced much along with Breaking Bread which is something that we will be closing the conference with.

I plan to spend time this trip meeting with other churches and organizations who are working in the nation. Christians so often operate as if they were an island in the middle of the ocean instead of working together with one another. If one orphanage has a school 30 minutes away why would I build one myself? All I have to do is work together with them, support their school, import a school bus from the United States and bus my children to them each day. If I have the clinic all they have to do is bring their sick down to me. We spend so much of our time duplicating and churning our wheels trying to make things work – trying to raise money for something that someone else has already done and is available to me if I would only develop relationships instead of trying to prove that I can do a better job.

Please pray for the ministry especially in April, that there would be groups of excited intercessors raised up and that they would be wanting to meet three or four times a week and not just once. The Nsanje district needs drastic change. It seems that it is far worse off than any other area in Malawi. It is a stronghold for witchcraft, it is full of bars and prostitution and people think that they don’t have to work because it is so hot so they have little to occupy their time except get into mischief. It is an area for either drought or floods and I always say that it is the place where the earth opened up and spewed out every mosquito in the world and most of them remained there. When I was there in December it was 115 to 120 F and the humidity was extreme.

The situation needs a complete 180 degree turn around and the only thing that will bring that about is intercession. There is no doubt it is cursed and that curse needs to be lifted. The new generation needs to have their minds renewed by the Gospel.
Items required for this distribution:

Mosquito nets $10
Blankets $5
Food $10

If you would like to donate for any of these items please do so through PayPal or send in your check to the ministry address.