Monthly Archives: November 2014

  • Alabaster Center, Tengani, Malawi

    We have begun to build on our land in Tengani. We first have to build a thief proof warehouse in which to store all of our building materials. Our next project is to put up an electric security fence. The fence is up but we have to add the electric which we will do when Continue Reading

  • Taking Care of the Elderly

    We take care of the elderly as they finish out their years and ensure that those years are spent with dignity. We try to ensure that there is no fear that tomorrow will bring starvation for them and for the children they take care of. We want to ensure that they do not feel abandoned Continue Reading

  • No Such Thing as an Orphan

    In the Africa of old there was no such thing as an orphan. If parents died then family took in the children and if there was no family then the villages took them in and were responsible for them. That Africa is no longer. Due to the 40 year life expectancy there are now many Continue Reading

  • Pure, Clean Water for All

    Everyone has a RIGHT to pure, clean water and they should not have to walk miles to get it in the 21st Century. Every time we turn on a faucet in our homes please remember that someone in a village in Africa has to walk down and up the mountainside at age 70 or 80 Continue Reading