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    Four years ago, we realized that because of the continual teaching that was going on with our elderly, they knew more about the Word than most of their Pastors. I was sitting in front of my computer thinking about it and believe the Lord spoke to me and asked what I was going to do Continue Reading


    FRANCIS BANDA Francis joined us towards the end of 2015 and will be handling the administration for the ministry as well as being a liaison between the local pastors and the leadership of Alabaster. He is Malawian and attended university in the United States for a number of years so speaks and writes English very Continue Reading

  • Alabaster Center, Tengani, Malawi

    We have begun to build on our land in Tengani. We first have to build a thief proof warehouse in which to store all of our building materials. Our next project is to put up an electric security fence. The fence is up but we have to add the electric which we will do when Continue Reading

  • Taking Care of the Elderly

    We take care of the elderly as they finish out their years and ensure that those years are spent with dignity. We try to ensure that there is no fear that tomorrow will bring starvation for them and for the children they take care of. We want to ensure that they do not feel abandoned Continue Reading

  • No Such Thing as an Orphan

    In the Africa of old there was no such thing as an orphan. If parents died then family took in the children and if there was no family then the villages took them in and were responsible for them. That Africa is no longer. Due to the 40 year life expectancy there are now many Continue Reading