Alabaster Center, Tengani, Malawi

We have begun to build on our land in Tengani. We first have to build a thief proof warehouse in which to store all of our building materials. Our next project is to put up an electric security fence. The fence is up but we have to add the electric which we will do when ESCOM hooks us up to power. The warehouse will have no windows, a reinforced roof and a door which will be secured with heavy duty burglar bars. Once this has been accomplished we will build a three roomed cottage (Two bedrooms and an open living dinning area) for a pastor who will act as Pastor/Security. (Pastor Peter is now living there). The plan is to have two pastors, one who will pastor the church and one who will pastor the elderly. The church/convention center will be large enough to hold about 300 sleeping people because when we hold conferences we need to use this building as a place for the elderly (cotton candies) to sleep. Our own house will be built on this property as well so that we have somewhere comfortable to stay. The approximate costs for this center is US $200,000. That will include the church/conference center and the house along with a clinic and housing for the nursing staff. The clinic will not be large and will be available for the elderly only. We will have two rooms joining the clinic each with four beds in case patients need to be admitted. Naturally, if there is an emergency we will never turn people away. There will be 24 nursing staff and we plan to have doctors come down and hold clinics and perhaps work with missionary doctors from the West who will come over for ten days at a time.
We will also need a well on the property at a cost of $4,000.

Pastor Peter and his family are installed at Tengani and we have built a house for him. He is responsible for Pastoring the elderly. He will be going from village to village visiting the “cotton candies” (our nick name for them as they all have white hair) and praying with them and for them, holding prayer meetings and Bible Studies. The last time I was there (Early March) they were installing the electrical and they were waiting for their home to be plastered before moving in. Half the house was built with fired brick and the other half with concrete bricks which are termite proof and do not take as much cement to put together and plaster as they are uniform. We have also enlarged the windows.

Peters house

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