During 2013 we have build 20 new two roomed houses for the “Grey Hairs” as they have been dubbed. They have lived in a mud hut with thatched roofing all of their lives. The floors are made from mud and ox dung and there are no windows because of mosquitoes. There is no air circulating and no light unless the roof is falling apart and then there are holes that allow insects and rain to come in. Their new homes are made from brick and have a concrete floor and corrugated iron roofing. They have three windows which allow for air and light and these are covered in mosquito screens and have burglar bars to prevent theft. They have a wooden door with a lock. These homes are a gift from God and each home has a plaque on the front door saying, “Abba’s House.” Se more about these homes in the 2013 newsletters. Each home costs $300 to $500 to build depending on the rate of exchange.