There are more than 400 endangered widows and widowers living in the Nsanje district of Malawi, some of whom are over 100 years old. Their ability to sustainable daily life is adversely affected by the untimely death of their children, due to Aids and other diseases.

African tradition has always provided for the elderly, but the epidemic of Aids related deaths, coupled with third world economic practices has put a strain upon this ancient system, which has caused it to fail. These elderly are now finding themselves cast out to impossibly fend for themselves, but not only for their own needs, but also for the needs of their orphaned grandchildren.

The vision of Alabaster Ministries is to build new homes for those whose homes are falling down or to repair homes that are repairable. We have learned after spending much quality time with these elderly that they do not want to move off their land which is why a center in one location will not work. Much like the elderly in any country be it First World or Third World they want to remain in familiar surroundings. This flagship project, will then be copied in other areas of the country and throughout the SADC region. Approximately $30 per month will sustain a widow / widower family for one month. That is the equivalent of one cup of your latte for eight days. 106 years old